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PN MP Calls For Upgrade Of Malta’s Sports Facilities, Starting With Tal-Qroqq Track

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Graham Bencini, the Shadow Minister for Sports has called for an upgrade of Malta’s sports facilities, starting with the running track in Tal-Qroqq.

“We must maximise the use of our existing facilities, upgrade the dilapidated ones and build new ones where possible,” Bencini wrote on social media.

He drew attention to the Tal-Qroqq running track, an area often used for professional as well as recreational sporting activities.

Despite regular use, the track has been left in a run-down state for decades.

“The tal-Qroqq track is one of those dilapidated sports facilities. I used to train there many years ago. No sort of maintenance was done since then it seems.”

Bencini highlighted how the Special Olympics Invitational Games could have been an opportunity to redevelop the track. An act that would have allowed all sports events for the Games to be held in one “mini-Olympic village.”

Do you think Malta’s run-down sports facilities need an upgrade?

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