PN Responds To Domain War With A More Serious Tone

It's war of the websites

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In what feels like an online battle of domains, the Nationalist Party has responded to the mock-website created under the domain name with its own mock-website. is a one page site which focuses on the Media and Defamation Act put forward this year, requiring all websites to be registered with Government. The mock-site describes the Act as "a move that attacked the very basis of internet freedom and free expression as such obligations are unprecedented in democratic societies".

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The site was clearly created with the intention to serve as a response for the stunt, which was made up of a much more detailed site including a mock PN Cabinet.

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The creators acknowledged the fact that their targeted domain is not the go-to address one might use to search for Joseph Muscat ( is an active, functioning website already). But they use this disadvantage as part of their underlining argument.

"Money may buy premium domain names but only Forza Nazzjonali can guarantee your freedom of expression," the site concludes.

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