Political Family Outing: Mother And Daughter Square Off In Mġarr Local Council Elections

Odette and Onishia Muscat are both on the PN’s ticket but targeting different demographics

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Elections - local, general, European, or otherwise - always seem to drum up tension in politically-charged Malta whether, that’s between rivalling candidates or differing views at family lunches.

This year, a mother and daughter have combined the two, squaring off against one another in the upcoming local council elections in Mġarr in what may be the longest family bonding session this country has ever seen!

Odette and Onishia Muscat both submitted their nominations on the PN ticket yesterday, with the elections due to take place on 25th May.

Speaking to Lovin Malta, mother Odette insisted that while contesting against one another, her and her daughter were not competitors.

“We are both targeting different groups," she said. "My daughter is mainly focusing on teenagers, while I am mostly targeting adults. For that reason, we are not competing, but taking this as a new adventure."

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Written By

Julian Bonnici