Prime Minister Pledges Largest Open Spaces Project In A Generation: 'It's Not Only About Making Malta Richer'

"It’s not only about making Malta richer for the future, but making it more pleasant too"


Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has pledged to oversee Malta’s largest open spaces project in a generation, with a large patch of developable land converted into a garden where people will be able to wind down.

“We’ve worked on a number of gardens in recent years, such as Ġnien l-Għarusa tal-Mosta, Ġnien Dom Mintoff in Paola and the Valletta ditch, but it’s still not enough,” Muscat told the PL general conference today. “We’ve been working internally on a new ambitious project in recent months and in the coming days we’ll announce plans to convert some developable zones into huge open spaces. It will be the largest open spaces project in a generation.”

Muscat said that the Maltese public’s priorities are shifting and that the majority don’t only care about earning more money but about spending quality time with their families, ideally in open spaces.

“We need to address these challenges,” he said.

The Prime Minister also pledged to improve waste management, with the government entering into such agreements with other local councils as it recently has with the Valletta local council.

“We have set an example in Valletta and want to replicate this model across the country,” he said. “We need everyone on board here. Just as everyone now understands the benefits of recycling their waste, so too must we make them understand the importance of keeping the streets clean.”

Elsewhere, Muscat reiterated his commitment for Malta to become one of the first European countries which fully embraces electric cars and pledged to introduce incentives to encourage people to make that shift as from now.

“I believe that cleanliness and electric cars are part of a shift in thought that gives greater focus to our quality of life,” he said. “It’s not only about making Malta richer for the future, but making it more pleasant too.”

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