Prime Minister’s Media Chief Calls PN Leader Adrian Delia A Liar After Direct Order Accusation

Adrian Delia says Kurt Farrugia benefitted from direct orders, despite reports stating they were handed to his brother's production house

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The Prime Minister’s communications chief Kurt Farrugia has denounced Adrian Delia as a liar after the Opposition leader claimed he has personally pocketed €35,000 in direct orders from the Culture Ministry.

The Times of Malta reported yesterday that the Culture Ministry paid Sharp Shoot Media, a production house owned by Kurt Farrugia’s brother, €25,000 for marketing services and a further €10,000 to film three National Orchestra concerts in the first six months of 2018.

However, in an interview on NET FM this morning, Delia claimed it was the Prime Minister’s communications chief himself who has pocketed these direct orders.

“[Kurt Farrugia] swore in court that his job involves marketing at the Office of the Prime Minister and taking care of government information, but [Culture Minister] Owen Bonnici gave him these contracts,” Delia said. “So what does [Farrugia] do during his work hours? Is he giving his services to the OPM and the Maltese people or is he giving other services in return for thousands of euro in direct orders? This has got nothing to do with his capability, the mere fact that he was given these direct orders shows the government is using taxpayers’ money to fatten the pockets of a certain group of people.”

This accusation prompted Kurt Farrugia to criticise Delia on Twitter.

“Adrian Delia is clearly a very distracted man,” he said. “I never took direct orders from any ministry or other entities. He inferred that I do private work during office hours. Dr Delia is a liar: I never did. I only work around the clock for my salary, which is public.”

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