Simon Busuttil Calls 'Urgent' Meeting For PN Candidates Tomorrow... But Why?

If not Salvu Mallia, what will PN discuss tomorrow?


Opposition leader Simon Busuttil has called a meeting for all Nationalist Party candidates at Dar Ċentrali for tomorrow evening. An email with the subject line "urgent meeting" was sent out to PN candidates on Saturday, the day outspoken candidate Salvu Mallia staged a one-man, one-dog protest outside Castille. 

With the recent raucous headlines of the past few days, sources close to the PN administration believe Busuttil may be planning to "clamp down on any loose cannons" within the group of candidates. Or at minimum – to address what is rumoured to be a case of "infighting" regarding Mallia's candidature.

But Busuttil downplayed the meeting, saying that it was certainly not an urgent meting to address current infighting. 

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"It is a meeting with all candidates at the beginning of the year to discuss the year ahead," Busuttil told Lovin Malta. 

"On Salvu, I consider him to be a member of the Coalition Against Corruption that I am building. My door is open and he is welcome to stay," Busuttil added.

Well, time will tell whether Busuttil's resolute stand is genuine or not. But one thing's for sure – this does make Mallia's candidature even more intriguing, and could be the makings of a much more complex strategy underway.

Or it could be a secret-telling off that we'll find out about later. #cliffhanger

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