BREAKING: Simon Busuttil Steps Down As PN Leader

Mario Demarco and Beppe Fenech Adami have also stepped down

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Opposition leader Simon Busuttil has stepped down after losing the election by a bigger margin than his predecessor Lawrence Gonzi. 

"I shoulder full responsibility for this result and I think people should choose a new leader," he said, adding that the process to find a new leader will start immediately. For the first time it will be all members who can vote for a new leader. 

All the leadership of the party have also resigned and would not re-contest for their roles, including Mario De Marco and Beppe Fenech Adami. 

He said the Nationalist Party would continue giving a voice to the 135,000 people who voted for change.

Busuttil said he was leaving behind an organised party with sound finances and an electoral campaign that was fully paid for. 

Busuttil will remain in his position as Opposition leader until a new PN leader is elected, for continuity and to ensure a transparent leadership process he said. 

“The PN respects the public’s decision. We live in a democracy and I am proud to have led a campaign representing good political morality”

Simon Busuttil, NET TV interview after PN's defeat

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