Simon Busuttil Takes A Dig At Prime Minister For Promoting Maltese Passport Scheme Abroad

Joseph Muscat will promote sale-of-citizenship scheme in Dubai today

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Joseph Muscat with Henley & Partners chairman Christian Kalin

Former Opposition leader Simon Busuttil has taken Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to task for travelling to Dubai to promote Malta’s sale-of-citizenship scheme to wealthy investors. 

As part of the government’s contract with Henley and Partners, Muscat must promote the Individual Investor Programme at its regular roadshows around the world. The next such commitment will take place later today at the luxurious Palace Hotel in Downtown Dubai during a conference which will also be addressed by Identity Malta’s CEO Jonathan Cardona. The Nationalist Party has often criticised this clause in the contract, saying it is unbefitting of a Prime Minister to act as a “salesman” for Maltese passports. 

Now Simon Busuttil has struck again - tweeting it is “unbelievable” for Muscat to travel to Dubai to sell passports while Malta is in the middle of an “unprecedented crisis” following the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. 

Busuttil had largely disappeared from the public spotlight since Adrian Delia’s election as PN leader last month, but that all changed following Caruana Galizia’s brutal execution. In the past week, Busuttil has delivered a long and forceful speech in Parliament, attended a demonstration demanding justice for Caruana Galizia, and participated in a sit-in protest outside the police headquarters. 

Meanwhile, Nationalist MPs have told MaltaToday an internal plan is being hatched to oust Delia as leader, arguing his harsh criticism of Caruana Galizia throughout his election campaign have severely damaged his credibility to fight for justice on the late journalist’s behalf. 

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