The British Are Coming: Over 2,000 UK Citizens Have Applied For Maltese Citizenship Since Brexit

Around 1,584 applications have been approved since 2016

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The number of UK citizens applying for Maltese citizenship has steadily increased since the Brexit referendum, with a total of 2,085 applications since 2016.

Figures tabled by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, showed how the number of British people applying for citizenship shot up from 387 in 2016 to 814 in 2018, a 110% increase.

In 2019 so far, there have been 263 applications.

Of the applications, 1,584 have been approved, with 90 being approved.

Brexit was originally approved by referendum on 23 June 2016, with 51,9% of voters electing to leave the EU.

Britain’s original departure was meant to take place on 29 March, however since then the deadline has been extended twice, with the UK's House of Parliament gridlocking any sort of progress.

On 11 April, EU Leaders agreed to grant the UK an extension of 31 October, halloween, after over-night discussions.

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Written By

Julian Bonnici