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‘The PN’s Role Isn’t To Send People To Prison’: Veteran NET Journalist Rips Into Former Leadership’s Strategy

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Veteran NET journalist Louise Tedesco has penned a scathing opinion piece against the strategy adopted by the former PN leadership in the run-up to the last general election.

“The Barra Brigade continue to make the mistake of personalising every issue,” Tedesco, who is also a member of the PN executive, wrote in The Times of Malta. “Let me be very clear: I am against all those who abuse their position and there is no doubt in my mind that the core of our government is rotten.”

“Having said that, I do not believe that the role of the PN is to send people to prison. That is the role of the police, the courts of justice and other state institutions. The role of the PN is to ensure that these institutions carry out their work without fear or favour, something which they have failed to do.” 

This was a clear reference to the strategy adopted by former PN leader Simon Busuttil in the wake of the Panama Papers, and later on the allegation that the company Egrant belonged to the Prime Minister’s wife Michelle Muscat.

“Our role should have been to convince the electorate that failed State institutions are a threat to the very fabric of our society. This role was not fulfilled, with the PN instead preferring to carry out personal campaigns.”

Louise Tedesco with PN leader Adrian Delia

Louise Tedesco with PN leader Adrian Delia

Ahead of this weekend’s vote of confidence in Adrian Delia at the PN General Council, Tedesco described the strategy adopted by internal critics of the Opposition leader as one which tries to deliver “death by a thousands cuts”

“It saddens me to say that there are people within the Nationalist Party who are making it their mission to destroy the PN,” she wrote. “Over the past weeks and months, they have dedicated all their energies in creating a lose-lose situation, much to the dismay of many like me who want to see a strong and proud Partit Nazzjonalista.”

“With every ill-guided action they take, the hope of a united and focused Opposition continues to fade away.”

“This so-called Barra Brigade appointed themselves, not for the first time, I must add, as judge, jury and executioner. They decided, again not for the first time, that their views and opinions are more valid than those of the majority.”

She warned that the PN will lose thousands of votes if Delia is forced to resign, arguing that people will feel betrayed by a party that first asked them to choose their leader.

I spend hours every day speaking to people who message me, stop me in the street, call me: heartbroken people who cannot understand the actions of these modern Don Quixotes,” she said. “If only they gave half their energy towards strengthening the party we would today be the alternative government the electorate is yearning for.”

Cover photo: Louise Tedesco with former PN leader Simon Busuttil in 2016

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