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‘This Man Isn’t A Love Island Malta Bombshell’: Adrian Delia On Konrad Mizzi

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Once again, Love Island Malta cannot seem to escape Maltese politics– this time around, it’s not Robert and Lydia Abela inviting the islanders over for lunch with their daughter, or Roberta Metsola campaigning for the return of the Punisher, but it has something to do with former Minister Konrad Mizzi and PN MP Adrian Delia.

After Konrad Mizzi was captured walking past a crowd of hundreds of Labourites cheering for him, where he stopped to give the press a comment, saying that the charges against him are “unfounded”, Delia took to social media to share his sentiments, and even roped Love Island into the mix.

“This man is not a Love Island Malta bombshell,” the former PN leader wrote, attaching an image of Mizzi, who has been criminally charged in court with fraud, money laundering, and a slew of financial crimes.


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“This man signed a contract which bound the Government to pay €100,000,000 from your taxes if Vitals or Steward lose the case I initiated against them,” Delia wrote, adding that Mizzi “didn’t just ignore the country’s interests, but he is also complicit in the biggest fraud, where all of us get stolen from.”

“And just this morning, he was still making a fool out of you,” he continued, clearly referencing the comments Mizzi made earlier today while on his way to Court.

“Today I am here facing charges in front of the Court. These are unfounded charges. There is not a fraction of evidence to back them. There is no basis to them whatsoever. They are founded on mere speculation. These are hypotheses which make absolutely no sense,” Mizzi told journalists earlier today.

What do you think of Adrian Delia’s statements?


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