This One Instant Was Joseph Muscat's Best And Worst Moment Of 2018, According To Him

It was also a massive moment for the entire country

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Looking back, 2018 was quite the year, both for humanity and Malta.

However, it often seemed that for every good piece of news, at least one - if not three - bad piece(s) of news would immediately pop up in your feed. A perfect example of the Yin-Yang nature of these things can be found in Malta's Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, whose best moment of 2018 also happens to be his worst moment of 2018.

When Lovin Malta asked the Prime Minister what the best moment of 2018 was, his answer was quick and simple: "The Egrant Inquiry - truth prevailed"

But when we asked him what his worst moment of 2018 was, his answer was just as forthcoming: "The Egrant Inquiry - it reminded me of the months we had to spend waiting to have our names cleared."

The Egrant Inquiry ended a long and bitter saga in Maltese politics - but many questions remain

The 15-month, multi-million euro inquiry conducted by magistrate Aaron Bugeja found no basis to the claim that the Prime Minister's wife, Michelle Muscat, owned a secret company in Panama named Egrant.

A moment of vindication for the Prime Minister and the Labour Party, the inquiry seemed to prove that there were forces in play that were scheming to topple Joseph Muscat's administration.

However, the inquiry failed to name who the Panamanian company belongs to - and has left the country none wiser to some other very important questions. And even though it's been six months since the inquiry's findings were given to the Prime Minister, it has yet to be published publicly.

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