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TUNE IN: The First (And Only) Head-To-Head Debate Between Delia And Grech Airs Tonight

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If you’ve been meaning to see Adrian Delia and Bernard Grech debate ahead of one of them being elected PN’s leader, tonight is your first – and last – chance.

After days of uncertainty, hiccups and accusations, the two contenders for the Nationalist Party’s leadership race are set to finally go head-to-to head tonight.

The one-hour long debate kicks off at 8.20pm tonight, and will be shown on NET TV and Facebook.

Times of Malta’s assistant editor Matthew Xuereb will be moderating.

Beyond the debate, tonight’s broadcast will also include two features by each candidate: an introductory bio and another on their vision and policy ideas. 

A set of questions will then be asked to Delia and Grech, with two minutes being allocated for them to answer each question.

PN’s Electoral Commission was initially reluctant to hold any debates ahead of the divisive election, fearing a repetition of a 2017 incident.

The last time the party held a leadership contest three years ago, a debate between current leader Adrian Delia and Chris Said had escalated into a heated argument, with everything from the party’s 1977 defeats to Mintoff and bloggers being brought up.

At the same time, though, the electoral commission said it wanted to hold at least one face-to-face debate to reportedly “show it is a party that has democracy at heart and where discussions can be held”.

A previous plan to host a debate last night – this time hosted by TVM veteran Ruth Amaira – ended up with Delia accusing Grech and his team of trying to influence the journalist ahead of the debate.

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