WATCH: Eddie Fenech Adami Endorses 'Household Name' MEP David Casa As He Reminisces About Younger Days

"David Casa is intrinsically connected to Malta's EU accession"

Former Prime Minister and President Eddie Fenech Adami has publicly endorsed PN MEP David Casa for re-election to the European Parliament, hailing him as a “household name”.

“David Casa is intrinsically connected to a period of time in politics when Malta became an EU member state,” Fenech Adami, who was Prime Minister back then, said in a recorded video. “David was one of those youths who took an active interest in the Moviment Iva campaign and who campaign for Malta to join the EU.”

Fenech Adami added that he remembers the late President Guido de Marco pulling Casa’s leg about his young age

“He was just a boy compared to Guido and myself, and we used to say that this boy was taking such an active interest and had truly understood why Malta should enter the EU.”

All three living former PN leaders - Fenech Adami, Lawrence Gonzi and Simon Busuttil - have publicly endorsed Casa, and indeed all three of them signed his nomination letter, a very rare move for former leaders.

Having served in the European Parliament since 2004, Casa is Malta's longest serving MEP by quite a long shot, but surveys indicate that he will struggle to get elected this time around. PN voters have questioned Casa's loyalty to Opposition leader Adrian Delia and the MEP's outreach to the party's former leaders is being interpreted as a signal to these voters that he is committed to his party's cause.

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