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WATCH: ‘I Don’t Even Think We’ll Lose’, Adrian Delia Replies When Asked About Next Election’s Margin

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When asked whether he would resign if the PN was to lose the next general election by 30,000 votes or more, Opposition Leader Adrian Delia not only refused to guarantee what he’d do in the future… but also went on to say he doesn’t even think his party would actually lose in the first place.

“I don’t even think there will be that margin, at all,” Delia said in response to a question on the next election – which will happen sometime in the next two years – by Illum editor Albert Gauci Cunningham during an interview on NET TV.

“I’m not even saying we’re going to lose, let’s start from there,” Delia said, smiling.

Going on to repeat his claim a couple of times some 25 minutes into the interview, Delia was then a tad more coy at answering the blatant question of whether he thinks the PN stands a chance in the next election, opting instead to point at Malta’s current situation.

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia made the claim earlier today during a NET interview with Albert Gauci Cunningham

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia made the claim earlier today during a NET interview with Albert Gauci Cunningham

“I believe the country is going to go through a number of big difficulties,” Delia elaborated.

“We will go through a period where the people will truly need to weigh and decide the future of generations to come, our children’s generation,” he continued. “Up until now, it was all about the ease of administration. Now, we’re getting to tough and difficult decisions, and I believe that the Nationalist Party, with the preparations we’ve been making, with the way we’ve been bringing everything together to unite a powerful mosaic, will be able to offer an alternative.”

“You cannot kick things off from an arrogant point, you can’t expect anything. You have to be humble, you have to prepare yourself, and you have to provide an alternative that is clearly better.”

Delia went on to point at “just three sectors” that would prove this; health (mentioning the Vitals deal), infrastructure (raising the proposal of a free public transport system) and the environment (bringing up the plan and hope for Malta to become the world’s first carbon-neutral country).

“The Labour Party is not giving people that option,” Delia said. “The Nationalist Party will give that option, and we believe that whoever loves his country, his children, whoever wants to truly choose between lethargy, corruption, dirt, mismanagement and between the good, the positive, what I really want my country to be, the choice will be clear.”

The 40-minute interview also touched on a number of other issues, including of course the current COVID-19 situation.

On the matter of the recent reopenings, Delia said his party welcomed the decisions taken by Malta’s health authorities, but warned against lack of vigilance.

“The virus is still there, still in the community,” he said, going on to criticise the seemingly conflicting message being given by Health Minister Chris Fearne (and Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci) and Prime Minister Robert Abela, who had famously dismissed the notion of any second wave by saying “waves are in the sea”.

What do you make of Delia’s comments?

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