WATCH: Joseph Muscat Confirms He Will Go And Leaves Door Open For Konrad Mizzi: ‘Labour Is Spoiled For Choice’

Joseph Muscat calls for fixed terms for Prime Ministers and MPs to be enshrined in the Constitution

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat reiterated his pledge to step down before the next election and refused to weigh in on reports that Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi is gearing up to succeed him.

“The Labour Party’s only problem is that it is spoiled for choice, a problem others don’t have,” Muscat told Lovin Malta.

Mizzi was appointed Labour’s deputy leader for party affairs in 2016 but was made to resign two months later in the midst of the Panama Papers scandal, with Muscat stating that he expected better behaviour from his minister.

However, when whether he stands by his stance three years down the line, Muscat said he won’t “speculate” on Mizzi’s potential candidature but dismissed reports that that he had instructed him not to contest the leadership election.

The Prime Minister used the occasion to call for fixed terms for politicians to be enshrined in the Constitution, with a fixed term of two years for Prime Ministers and of four terms for MPs.

“This is a very controversial idea but I hope it is studied properly and implemented, with the terms coming into play from the day it passes into law,” he said. “Speaking for myself, I grew tired of seeing politicians who only care about their seats and who remain stuck to them. I want to send out a sign that politicians are there to serve the country for a period of time, after which they move on. Everybody has a lifespan.”

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