WATCH: Labour CEO’s Rallying Cry: ‘We Must Fix Our Flaws And Become A Better Version Of Ourselves’

"Lets not put everything this party has achieved at risk ourselves"

Labour’s CEO Randolph De Battista has urged the party not to let complacency set in, to engage more openly with its critics, to start thinking more independently from the government and to address its shortcomings.

“If we want a Malta for the future, then we must become a party for the future,” De Battista told Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and PL delegates at Labour’s general conference yesterday. “The Labour government has turned many people’s dreams into reality, but we must now ensure we don’t put that progress at risk ourselves. The more the public supports us, the greater our responsibility becomes. Now that it’s been ten years since Joseph Muscat formed this movement, the time has come to sit back and reflect, to build on the good and to arrange our wrongdoings.”

De Battista didn’t specify what wrongdoings he was referring to, but argued that the party must start thinking more independently from the government. 

“We must engage in more open dialogue with our critics and with social partners, we must improve our communication of all the good we have achieved and we must fix our flaws,” he said. “Not everything is rosy, and it is the responsibility of PL delegates to mark our shortcomings and to propose solutions that will allow us to build an even more inclusive movement. I get frustrated hearing people saying that this movement has reached its zenith and if we allow this attitude to set in, our movement will automatically start shrinking.”

De Battista warned that infighting within the PN has turned the Opposition into a “farce” and subsequently left Labour as the only viable option to run the country. 

“The only alternative to ourselves is a better version of ourselves, and this is why we have a huge responsibility on our shoulders,” he said. “Let’s not take all we have achieved for granted. The party was never afraid to make its voice heard, not even when the bodies of our forefathers were tossed into the miżbla. It is incumbent upon all of us to ensure the ‘Malta Taghna Lkoll’ motto doesn’t end up a mere slogan in the history books but rather an experience that everyone in the country lives.”

What do you make of Randolph De Battista's speech? 

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