WATCH LIVE: The Big Leaders' Debate At University Of Malta

Things are about to get heated


The wait is finally over and the stage is set for the big debate between the four leaders contesting this year's snap general election. The whole thing is currently being streamed live by The Third Eye, a student news organisation.

The time allocated for each leader is as follows:

23 minutes for the Prime Minister, 23 minutes for the Leader of the Opposition, 12 minutes for Partit Demokratiku's leader, 13 minutes for Alternattiva Demokratika and 13 minutes for Moviment Patrijotti Maltin.

Watch the live stream below:

Taking place in Sir Temi Zammit Hall, the debate will see Prime Minister Joseph Muscat (Partit Laburista), Leader of the opposition Simon Busuttil (Partit Nazzjonalista), MP Marlene Farrugia (Partit Demokratiku), and Prof. Arnold Cassola (Alternattiva Demokratika) debate their positions and take questions from the audience.

The debate, which has become a much-anticipated staple of every general election, was not without its controversies. When it was first announced Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that he would not be able to make it.


There was uproar on social media but the Prime Minister explained that his cancellation was due to a scheduling clash. Eventually discussion between the organisers and the Prime Minister's camp proved fruitful as the date was rescheduled to one where all four leaders could make it.

Following the Prime Minister's confirmation, another controversy arose as students demanded a bigger venue for the event, as seating at Sir Temi Zammit Hall was quite limited. This issue was even more heavily scrutinized after another student media organisation, Insite Malta, leaked Facebook conversations of individuals calling for crowds of partisan supporters to attend the event.


Students ask questions during last election's debate.

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