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WATCH: Manuel Delia: I Won’t Applaud PN Leader Until I See Serious Changes In Political System

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Journalist-activist Manuel Delia has urged PN leader Bernard Grech to challenge the current political system, warning the status quo whereby political parties are financed by hidden interests is highly problematic.

“I think [Bernard Grech] is an enormous improvement over his predecessor [Adrian Delia] but the PN still hasn’t found its place in our democracy yet,” Delia said in a recent interview on Lovin Daily.

“The PN has the unfortunate vocation of trying to find a way to win the support of 50% + 1 of the electorate in a two-party system. I can’t think of any EU political parties that manage, or even try, to do this and I think it’s a real systemic weakness.”

He warned that the “winner-takes-all” system of Maltese democracy is even more problematic considering political parties are funded by private hidden interests, such as by contractors. 

“I think every politician who wants to do good, and there’s quite a few who I respect, is always subjecting themselves to this reality.”

Delia played down calls, including by lecturer Andrew Azzopardi, for the PN to split, arguing that political parties should instead sit down and find a way of existing without having to depend on the financing of private, hidden interests.

“The most interesting argument in Lovin Malta’s constitutional case [against political ownership of TV stations] is that TV stations have become a vehicle for contractors to fund parties under the guise of advertising.”

“It’s this guise which worries me – running a political system which is supposed to be by the people for the people on the basis of lying to the people.”

“Bernard Grech didn’t invent this and he won’t solve it alone, but I won’t start applauding and cheering him before I start seeing some serious changes in the system that brought us to the horror we’ve been experiencing over the past four years.”

“Since 2013, the Labour government took us into a systematic abuse of the weaknesses in the design of our political system and culture. The demand for change can’t just be a demand of waiting for an election in case the page turns; we cant keep waiting for one party to save us from the other.”

Delia recently published a book called ‘The Third Siege of Malta’, a collation of blogposts he has written over the years with the narrative that the common good is  “under siege” and defeat feels imminent.

Do you agree with Manuel Delia’s logic? 

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