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‘We Want Everyone To Be Rich,’ Says Labour Deputy Leader As He Hopes For 25 Years In Government

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Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne said he dreams of a Malta in which everyone is rich, that commits itself to “political serenity” and that gives most help to those who need it most.

“Our dream is no longer for workers to get out of poverty but for workers to be rich,” Fearne told PL’s mass meeting in Castille Square on occasion of Workers’ Day. “We can achieve this dream. We can eradicate poverty once and for all and make our workers and families richer than they currently are. Now’s the time for us to dream big. After spending 25 years in Opposition, we can spend 25 years in government if we remain united.”

Fearne has been widely tipped as a potential successor to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, who has repeatedly pledged not to contest another general election.

And although he started his speech with an appeal for Muscat to stay on for several more years, the bulk of it was focused on laying out his own vision for the country.

“We must work together to keep building a rich, safe and modern country, a country that is respected by our neighbours and that people love living in,” he said. “We want every Maltese worker to be the envy of Europe, a rich person inside their own households.”


Fearne said he wants people to be rich in terms of opportunities for dignified work, in terms of the natural and built-up heritage, and in terms of financial means.

“We want every man and woman to be able to live in dignity, to have opportunities to lean, enjoy themselves and enjoy art and culture,” he said. “We want everyone to be able to go on holiday and see the world, we want everyone to be able to strive to the best of their abilities and achieve whatever they want to achieve.”

He said this can be achieved through “political serenity”, arguing that this brings investment, which in turn creates jobs and spurs economic growth.

“We want everyone to enjoy the best days of their lives and we want our children and our children’s children to be more prosperous and stable than we are.”

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