What Floats Your Vote? Now You Can Tell Your Candidates

Whichever party you vote for, choose your candidates wisely

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If you live in Malta and you're eligible to vote, you've probably spent the past few weeks being spammed from all sides. Besides taking over every inch of the news media, political parties and their candidates have chased your vote by email, SMS, fliers at home and all over your Facebook feed. If you're particularly unlucky, you may have also fallen victim to an awkward house visit. 

Now, it's time to turn the tables. And as always, we've got your covered. 

Lovin Malta has created an online platform that puts voters in the driving seat. Remember our 52-point manifesto which we launched on April Fools? We got such a great response to the ideas put forward that we invited our readers to raise money for a campaign to promote our proposals during an election campaign. And even though the election came eight months earlier than we were expecting, we've come up with something extra special. 

What Floats Your Vote is an online platform that allows you to start a real conversation with the candidates vying for your vote in your electoral district. 

This is how it works:

Step 1. Select your favourite proposals from our manifesto 

We have more than 100 proposals to choose from, many of which were suggested by our readers after our original manifesto was published. They're divided into several categories: Civil Liberties, Transport, Environment, Education, Governance and Others. You can also sort the ideas by popularity (remember our survey?). Plus, you can even add any other issue that's close to your heart. 

If you want a meaningful response from the candidates, it's best to limit your selection to a few core issues - preferably fewer than 10.

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Step 2. Read the email that we've generated for you

This will be sent to candidates running for the June 3rd election. Make sure all the proposals you've chosen have been inputted in the email.

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Step 3. Add your name, email address and locality 

We need your locality so that we can direct your email to the candidates who are contesting on your district.

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Step 4. Click: Tell Your Candidates

Now just wait for a reply from a candidate who's willing to earn your vote. 

Step 5. Share on Facebook and encourage your friends to do the same

It's not like Facebook has too many political posts already, right?

Thanks to all the amazing people who donated to our crowdfunding campaign on Zaar.com.mt and made this possible. Special thanks also to Blonde and Giant and Bloom for supporting this cause.

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Chris Peregin