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Young PN Activist Sees ‘Nothing Wrong’ With Former Justice Minister Eating KFC By Himself

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A young PN activist has spoken out after the PN youth wing shared a photo of former Justice Minister grabbing a bite to eat in a popular fast-food restaurant.

“I didn’t really agree with it – if he was walking down the road and he was hungry, you can’t expect him to stay hungry,” Joseph Magri told Lovin Malta, going on to say that Bonnici was captured in a “private” moment.

Yesterday, MŻPN shared a photo of newly-appointed Education Minister Owen Bonnici eating at a KFC alone, with the caption: “What do you get a Minister who just lost his justice portfolio? KFC. You get him KFC.”

The post has since been criticised as being in bad taste by Maltese citizens across the political aisle.

“In my opinion, I see nothing wrong with him eating.”

Magri, who is known to be an active youth within the Nationalist Party, went on to say that Bonnici being removed from the Justice Ministry had little influence on his hunger.

“If he was still the minister for justice and he had been walking in the streets and he got hungry, he still would have gone inside,” Magri pointed out. 

Saying he hadn’t seen many comments in regards to this post, and that he had many friends within the MŻPN, Magri reiterated that he didn’t agree with the post.

“With that said, I wish Bonnici the very best in his new role,” he said. 

The MŻPN will be going for internal elections in around 6 weeks time, and while he has no current role within the PN youth wing, he did not confirm or deny his interest in entering any contests.

Bonnici himself reacted to the post, saying that posts like this show you “the poor level” the Opposition has fallen into.

What did you think of MŻPN’s picture?

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