10-Year-Old Boy Bowls His Way To Malta's Record Books

Kayden is the youngest ever winner of the MTBA Silver Cup

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Bowling has a habit of bringing out the competitive streak in all of us. However, we generally do not partake in it as a sport but more as a one-off activity with friends.

For 10-year-old Kayden Lagana, bowling is more than that. It’s a passion, and it turns out he’s super good at it too.

Kayden is officially the youngest person to ever win the MTBA Silver Cup. He took part in the Malta Tenpin Bowling Association's Silver Cup at the Eden Superbowl last Sunday, winning himself the top prize in a two-game final.

The young boy was already on the lead after just six games, but dropped to third place and later on got to second for the Grand Final.

From there, he got by Nicholas Muscat to, while Julianna Bonanno won the female edition after a two-game final against Lilliana Spiteri.

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Chiara Micallef