This 17-Year-Old Maltese Boy Is All Set To Kill The International Go Kart Racing Game

Jake's busy collecting trophies

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Jake Agius is a 17-year-old Maltese boy who has a very strong passion for competitive go kart racing. But for this young racer, this isn't just a matter of a couple of enthusiastic competitions; Jake is also absolutely killing it in the international industry.

Jake was a keen amateur footballer until he realised his heart was not fully into it. His go kart racing career began at the age of 11, when his father took him go karting. He attended a school of motor sport, and the rest was history.

His father saw that he had a talent in this sport and brought him a two stroke go kart so he could practice and improve.

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In July 2016, Jake decided to try his luck in a competitive race in Sicily

Although it wasn’t a successful experience as he finished last, it was his foot in the door and his first professional experience.

He has been training vigorously in Malta, although competitive go karting isn't a thing here... yet.

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In 2018, Jake was back in Sicily... and this time, he absolutely smashed it

The 2018 championship for the Rotax Max Category featured nine races distributed among five tracks across Sicily. In between wanting to get some experience out of the opportunity and the level of expenses involved, the team he was with didn't even plan to participate in all of the nine races, initially planning to do six races instead. That soon changed when Jake started impressing everyone.

In this first attempt, the 17-year-old won the championship by gaining six podiums... four of which were first place.

As a result of this victory, he was presented by the Italian Motorsport Federation of ACI with the trophy and diploma of merit.

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Jake already has some big plans for 2019

Next up, he aims to travel to Italy to compete in shifter karts, a higher and more challenging level of karting that has multiple gears instead of the single-gear carts that are accessible to any enthusiast.

We wish you all the luck Jake.

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