After Not Winning A Medal, Maltese Special Olympian Gets The Most Heartwarming Note Ever

'Everyone needs an Adam Pisani in their life!'

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Malta's Special Olympians did the country proud in Abu Dhabi, but one athlete may have stolen more hearts than Malta garnered medals after receiving a note from a international attendee praising his personality.

"Although Special Olympics Malta golfer Adam Pisani did not win a medal, he surely received an award that counts more than a medal to me and all Special Olympics Malta," Special Olympics Malta national director Anna Calleja said yesterday.

"This is what makes us believe, strive and give our best to our athletes. Thank you Adam. You made me proud and gave me the best of medals," she continued.

Susan Tucciarone, who was present at the Special Olympics this week, gave a sweet note to the Maltese athlete:

Adam Pisani,

Has forever changed my life! He truly is a gift, so pilot and honest. Everyone needs an Adam Pisani in their life! What an uplift. He is the bravest and boldest. In my 4 days he was the kindest, calmest and coolest! Ronaldo would be proud. Thank you Adam Pisani, My life is has changed for the better!

Susan Tucciarone

Adam Pisani competed in golf in the 2019 Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi

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