'I'm Here To Kick Your Ass': The First Ever Ladies Car Demolition Derby In Malta Looked Fierce AF

These women aren't here to play it safe

Malta Ladies Destruction Derby

Driving cars around and crashing into each other for fun is no longer just a man's game here in Malta. On Sunday 10th March, a group of fierce local women took part in Malta's first ever 'Ladies Demolition Derby', organised by Assoċjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi (ASMK).

In case you weren't sure, a demolition derby is a sport were cars are driven into each other until only one car is left running. Basically real life bumping cars.

It's pretty wild, and definitely considered by many as something that only men are into. But that's definitely not the case, and Malta has finally joined the rest of the demolition scene by including a ladies' race in the line up.

Jessica Magro Butler, driving a pink Subaru J10, emerged victorious as the last woman standing (metaphorically, of course)

Jessica's Subaru sustained extensive damage, the back wheels stopped turning completely, but she lasted til the very end.

“It was a unique experience," she told TVM, giving a shoutout to her husband who was a big part of assembling the car. "It’s the first time I took part. Usually, I come to support my husband and his family and this time they gave a chance to women, and I made it until the end.”

Nine other cars were a part of the derby, with brightly coloured and heavily spray painted cars taking their place over at Ta' Qali.

Speaking to TVM, The Secretary of the Association Johan Pace only had good things to say about the participants.

“Compared with other demolitions, I think women are more exact when they come to hitting the other car and even in the way they implement the rules – I think that is the difference we saw. Their husbands said the same thing while watching the show.”

You go, girls!

Featured image image by Darrin Zammit Lupi for REUTERS

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