Joseph Muscat Seriously Gets Into Table Tennis Match With Athletes At Special Olympics In Abu Dhabi

Look at that attempted topspin!

Jm Table Tennis Special Olympics

Maltese athletes are in Abu Dhabi competing in the 2019 Special Olympics and making us proud - and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat visited them to test their skills, specifically, to see how hard they go in table tennis.

In a video uploaded by TVM, the Prime Minister competes against a Maltese athlete, Warren Schembri, who is competing in the tournament later today. However, he does not go easy on Warren, throwing in some swift hits and even attempting a topspin to win the game.

However, the Maltese athlete stood firm and withstood all of Joseph Muscat's attacks, before finally getting a ball past him, as the crowd erupts into clapping and laughter.

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The wholesome scene will surely give the Maltese athletes in Abu Dhabi a nice boost of morale, knowing their Prime Minister is there with them, both in spirit, as well as in racket.

Speaking of rackets: Joseph Muscat took to Twitter this morning to casually swag on everyone, saying a racket the Maltese contingent were using was given to him by Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo.

What do you think of the Prime Minister's ball game?

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