Malta Sports Chairman Bashes Team’s Azerbaijan Performance: ‘I Would Rather Watch Kids!’

"The worst part was listening to TVM 2's commentators say it was a positive game!"

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Malta Sports Council chairman Luciano Busuttil has hit out at the national team after its draw against Azerbaijan last night, saying he would “rather watch children” play football.

“Was this supposed to be our reaction to the 3-1 defeat to the Faroe Islands?” Busuttil posted. “Are we kidding? Am I the only one who is not happy with our National Football team today? Am I the only one to see that our players cannot stand 90 minutes of play? I'd rather lose 6-0 but play to win than tie 1-1 and keep defending.”

“By the way...the worst part of all this, is to listen to TVM2 commentary saying it was a positive game. If you want to enjoy football in this country, stick to watch children playing!”

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Busuttil’s assessment of last night’s game runs counter to that of Malta manager Ray ‘Zazu’ Farrugia, who had praised his players’ for “showing heart”.

“We have a lot of work to do and must rebuild from the ground up,” Farrugia said. “I once again urge the Maltese people to unite behind the team, even when we are down, because if we stand strong together then we will surely rise.”

Should Malta start holding its football team to higher standards?

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