Maltese Football Revealed To Be 8th Most Corrupt In International Study

At least we're scoring high somewhere

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An international study has revealed that the Maltese Premier division football team is the eight most corruptible out of 53 countries.

Fifpro – the global players' union who undertook the study – has revealed that one in six Premier Maltese footballers has been approached with a bribe during their career. 

That's basically half the team. 

One in six Premier Maltese footballers have been approached with a bribe during their career.

Anonymous feedback was provided by 112 Maltese Premier League players as part of an investigation into global football corruption. Apart from the high percentage of players who have been approached with bribes, the study also shed light on the problem of delayed payments for which the majority of Maltese players reported to have experienced.

Earlier this month Malta was reported to have fallen four more places in FIFA's World rankings – putting us 182nd out of 211 countries. So all in all, Maltese football is not coming out as a hero in any of the international rankings this year.

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Maltese Premier division and former team captain Andre Schembri earlier this year alluded to the poor state of football management in Malta. 

This new study continues to put Maltese professional football back under the microscope and forces us to ask: how does not paying players on time and asking them to throw games for money incentivise them to give their heart and soul to the game?

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