Maltese Teen Shatters National Record At Swimming World Championships

That's her 14th record, for whoever's counting

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It seems like nothing can stop Amy Micallef, the Maltese swimmer who keeps breaking records every chance she gets. A couple of weeks ago, we ran a story about the 19-year-old breaking her 13th national record, which was previously her own record time anyway. Last weekend, she took things to the next level, by breaking yet another national record... on live TV, at the World Championships. As you do when you're Amy Micallef.

The young Maltese swimmer's appearance at the World Champions in Budapest was her second, and Micallef had previously spoken about the weekend's challenge. "I will be racing against Olympic medalists and world record holders." Amy told Lovin Malta, which she admitted was her dream, but most have still been intimidating for the young swimmer. 

That definitely didn't stop Micallef, as she broke her 100m breaststroke time, beating it by almost 2 seconds. The time to beat is now 1:12:79, if you were so inclined to try.

"Raising the female standards of Maltese breaststroke feels great." Amy said after her race. Hundreds of Maltese fans followed Micallef's races live on Eurosport over the weekend, with the young swimmer breaking her record during a heat. Her coach Andy Colbourn, as always, documented the entire trip leading up to Micallef's big day, no doubt extremely proud of her never-ending achievements.

On Saturday evening, Amy Micallef went live on Facebook from Budapest, giving her friends, family and fans an insight into the huge arena she'd be racing at. The 2017 FINA World Championships were the 17th of their kind. FINA is also responsible for hosting the Masters World Championship later in August, which is for athletes aged 25 and over. And if Micallef keeps at it with the constant record-breaking. 

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