Team Malta Takes Home 29 Medals At The 2017 Small Nations Games

Matching the last national performance but setting new records

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The 2017 Games of the Small States of Europe in San Marino came to a close this weekend, and Team Malta managed to take home a total of 29 medals; four gold, nine silver and 16 bronze. This placed Malta seventh as far as the total list of medals go, with Luxembourg taking first place with a total of 98 medals.

On the first day of the games, 100 metre athlete Charlotte Ashley Wingfield successfully brought home gold, and she perfectly closed off the competition by nabbing a second gold medal in the 200 metre. The latter stellar performance actually also set an impressive new national mark of 23.78 seconds. Wingfield was also in the Maltese women's relay team, which took home the silver medal.

Gianluca Chetcuti took gold in the double trap on Friday evening, with the  Maltese women's basketball team also getting another gold medal after winning 52-50 against Luxembourg.

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"We are satisfied with the final result," said Julian Pace Bonello, the President of the Maltese Olympics Committee. "Our goal was to match the result achieved in Iceland two years ago, and we fulfilled that mission despite having some key members missing."

While admitting that there is still a lot of work to be done, Pace Bonello expressed his confidence that, with the cooperation of their member federations, "we can continue to improve the level of our athletes."

Malta's 29 medals were won over a large variety of sports, from tennis (singles, doubles, men's and women's), cycling, swimming, raffa, triple jump, shooting, and many more.

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Rebecca Sare securing a bronze medal in the triple jump. Photo by Domenic Borg

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Francesca Curmi, the youngest member of the Maltese contingent, helped secure a silver medal for Malta alongside Elaine Genovese at the tennis doubles. Curmi also won bronze in the singles competition.

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