This 13-Year-Old Maltese Girl Just Lifted 111kg And Topped The International Women's Grand Prix

How's that for kicking ass?

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What did you do today? Well, this 13-year-old Maltese girl lifted a combined 111kg and placed first in the Women Weightlifting Grand Prix in Slovenia. On International Women's Day. How's that for kicking ass?

Tenishia Thornton snatched 49kg and pulled off a 62kg clean and jerk, earning 191.21 points and pushing her to the top of the table of the Under 14 category. At just 43kg, she's already lifting more than her bodyweight. You're probably going to be hearing her name a lot more.

Austria placed second, followed by Croatia.

The Grand Prix attracted participants from the USA, England, Austria, Germany, Brazil, Cyprus, Denmark, Croatia, Italy, the Netherlands, Nepal, Portugal, Slovenia, Serbia, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Uruguay.

Tenishia has been lifting for two years and is already one of the highest ranking weightlifters in Malta, even among her senior peers. Tenishia is the daughter of top rower and Crossfitter Dennis Thornton.

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Chris Peregin