This Year's WFF European Bikini Contest Winner Is Actually A Maltese Primary School Teacher

And she even made it to second place in the professionals section

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30-year-old Leanne Bartolo is a primary school teacher from Magħtab who describes herself as "totally shy", but she's just gone and won big in Berlin. Over the weekend, Bartolo won the European Championship of the World Fitness Federation in Berlin.

This inspirational woman is also the co-owner of DanceDivas and runs her very own Warehouse Fitness Studio in Gżira. She's a fully-qualified fitness instructor and a certified TRX instructor.

Leanne opened her own studio last year, Warehouse Fitness Studio, where people from all ability levels can join in for one of her amazing routines.

HIIT, Circuit Training, TRX and Boxercise are among some of the classes offered by Leanne. She also happens to be the WWF Malta Bikini Champion and had placed third in the World Championships in Cyprus back in November.

But don't forget; apart from all that, she's also a primary school teacher, proving that mere mortals like us can also find a balance in leading a healthy lifestyle. Or you know, win an entire European championship. You go girl!

Leanne, who also suffers from a persistent back injury, has managed to defy all odds, but she's as humble as champions get.

"Maybe the judges took the charisma into consideration because all I did was plant a non-cheesy smile when I was on stage," Leanne told the Times of Malta. "Many of the other competitors were taller and far more built than me."

Leanne's win last weekend - over more than 40 other competitors, no less - saw the Maltese woman automatically qualify to the professionals section on the same night. And even there, she managed to achieve an impressive second place!

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