WATCH: Emotional Malta Coach Hits Out At Critics: ‘Why Can’t We Stick Together?’

"Criticism is good, but it has to be dished out in a good way"

Malta football coach Ray ‘Zazu’ Farrugia has hit out at people who criticise the national team more than they support it, in his first press conference since Malta’s humiliating defeat to the Faroe Islands.

“Don’t you think [the players] suffer? My God, I see it and I feel it, these boys really suffer,” Farrugia said in his pre-match press conference ahead of tomorrow’s UEFA Nations League game home to Azerbaijan. “Why can’t we stick together? In other circumstances, we do everything together. We collect money for people, we do this, we do that, we do this, we do that, so why don’t we also stick together when it comes to football?”

“Why do we wait for the moment when the national team doesn’t do well so that we can then come out and criticise it? Why? Good criticism is good, but it has to be in a good way. We need to help these boys, we really need to help them and we’re trying everything here. I’ve waited to be Malta’s manager my entire life and this is my proudest moment, but I need your help. The team doesn’t belong to Ray Farrugia, but to you.”

Farrugia will be hoping Malta’s home supporters will give his team a leg up in tomorrow’s game against Azerbaijan, Malta’s second game in the new UEFA Nations League.

Malta and Azerbaijan have come head to head six times before, with Malta winning three games, Azerbaijan winning two and the other game ending in a draw.

What are your score predictions for tomorrow's game?

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