WATCH: Locker Room Karaoke! Malta’s National Football Team Sings Sweet Caroline To Celebrate Faroe Islands Victory

Malta overcame red card and penalty to stun Faroe Islands in first Euro 2020 qualifier

After a nail-biting match yesterday which gave Malta its first international home victory in 13 years, the Maltese national team cooled off to a heartwarming rendition of Sweet Caroline.

Videos uploaded to Instagram show the boys singing their hearts out while beaming with satisfaction after their 2-1 victory over Faroe Islands. The match was extremely tense as the Maltese team defended a 2-0 scoreline while down to 10 men before 7 minutes of extra time were granted and Faroe Islands managed to score. Tension built towards the end of the match with various players getting aggressive to one another and several yellow cards being shown.

But when the whistle was finally blown, Malta's boys could finally relax and celebrate their well-earned victory, which was the first of their Euro 2020 qualifying campaign.

The video was uploaded to Rowen Muscat's Instagram profile.

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Written By

Julian Bonnici