WATCH: Maltese And International Rugby Community Remembers National Player Kyle Mason In Touching Tributes

'He will always wear the Number 1 jersey for us'

Rugby fans from around the world are sending in their tributes and grieving over the sudden loss of one of their most beloved players, Kyle Mason.

The bubbly and strong player who also served as a Naval Airman in the Royal Navy, Kyle had represented Malta nationally for over two decades, usually found in the front row of a scrum. He played in 26 matches for Malta.

The Malta Rugby Football Union released an emotional tribute to the player, saying he would be remembered for his "big smile and laughter"

"The news of Kyle's passing came as a great shock to the Malta Rugby community and messages of condolences are coming in from around the world."

"There is an outpouring of Love for our fallen comrade, who won the respect of many, wearing the Malta National Rugby team colours. He not only played for Malta but also for the Royal Navy, playing several times in the very physical and passionate Army Versus Navy games at Twickenham, known as the home of Rugby."

"Strong in stature, as tough as teak, he played in the front row in the scrum, requiring not only strength but technique, playing in that position for Malta in 26 games."

"Our condolences go out to his family, friends and shipmates, we will remember his big smile and laughter, he will always wear the Number 1 jersey for us."

Kyle Mason was known and respected internationally, and tributes soon started pouring in from around the world

The Royal Naval Association Pendleton Branch gave a touching tribute saying: "Sometimes even the strongest amongst us need help."

"It's OK not to be OK."

"Extremely sad news coming in from the fleet, especially for the rugby fans. The signal has been received to report that one of the Royal Navy's greatest front row forwards, Naval Airman (Aircraft Handler) Kyle Mason based at Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose has played his final game of rugby and has sadly taken his own life. He was a very talented rugby player and is another life taken too early."

"Mental illness does not discriminate. Rugby player, millionaire, CEO of a company you can still struggle. If you're out there and struggling and you read this talk to someone. It's OK not to be OK. Larger than life character MegaMace will be missed by many. RIP Kyle. Fair winds and a following sea."

"Loneliness and isolation is the invisible enemy faced by many serving personnel and veterans every day. 41% of British Armed Forces veterans say they have felt lonely or isolated at some point since leaving the military. Over a quarter admitted to having suicidal thoughts."

"Sometimes even the strongest amongst us need help."

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RIP Kyle Mason

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