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‘We Need To Work’: Malta’s New Head Coach Is Determined To Take Local Football To The Next Level

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Malta’s national football needs to instil a philosophy of work if it ever wants to reach the level of competitiveness seen in countries of similar stature such as Iceland, new head coach Devis Mangia said earlier today.

Speaking to the media today, Mangia emphasised the importance of needing a strong work ethic – both on and off the field – if Malta ever wants to improve on the international front.

“We need to work,” he said, bluntly. “That’s it. Of course, I mean work on the field, when we train as a team… but also work in the offices to define a common goal.”

Though the future may be bright for Maltese football, Mangia was quick to point out that expecting short term results would be unrealistic for any coach in his position.

“We definitely won’t achieve everything straight away,” he clarified. “I don’t know anyone who would be capable of doing that. What I know is that the mission, the guideline, is to work.”

Mangia’s work philosophy spills over into the MFA’s ambition to see a Maltese team in the Seria C league, but it seems his capacity in that role will only remain as an advisor.

“My only job there will be to give guidance on the philosophy of work and play,” he explained. “We need to create guidelines that everybody needs to really follow. We can’t accept guidelines that everybody agrees to, but nobody adheres to.”

Apart from the announcement of MFA’s ambitions to have a Maltese team Serie C team, very little information is known about this venture and it seems like Malta’s new head coach will have a limited role in this regard.

Mangia will make his debut as head coach on March 27th when Malta plays against Gibraltar followed by a match on March 30th against Azerbaijan.

What do you make of Malta’s new head coach? Let us know in the comments below!

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