Airport Freezes For Malta's Latest Mannequin Challenge

Is Malta's last mannequin challenge one of the cutest yet?

Malta International Airport just released its own version of the mannequin challenge, showing the Departures area coming to a freeze while brimming with Christmas spirit. 

The video starts with a barbershop quarter singing alongside the piano and then moves around the entire Departures area, showing people frozen in time while having a good time, either kissing under a mistletoe, taking selfies or receiving Christmas gifts.

Screen Shot 2016 12 12 At 7 00 33 Pm

The spell is undone when the viewer sees a girl climbed over her father's shoulders preparing to dress the Christmas tree with a star that immediately bursts into glitter and gets the whole airport moving again.

A little feel-good Christmas fun to end the year of the mannequin challenge.

Screen Shot 2016 12 12 At 6 59 50 Pm

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