How Many People Do You Think Tuned In To Joseph Muscat's Live Q&A Tonight?

And what were their reactions?

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Prime Minister Joseph Muscat held a Q&A session this evening via Facebook live (scroll to the bottom of this article if you want to watch it); and despite disclaiming that he's not the biggest Facebook fan, he racked up a decent number of views. A healthy 29,548 people watched live. That's enough people to fill the Mediterranean Conference Centre (MCC) twenty times.

Probably just as well that Maltese people are Facebook fans then...

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But what did people think of it?

They mostly really liked or loved it. Over 7.5k people liked the video and just over 3.5k loved it. The angry votes didn't even hit the quadruple-digits. 

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So a pretty solid showing for the live video – but of course that audience will carry on growing as the public continues to access the video which is now available to watch in retrospect. 

Maybe Muscat will come round to this Facebook thing after all... 

Did you watch the Prime Minister's FB live Q&A? tell us what you thought in the comments section!

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