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‘Love Freely, And The Rest Will Follow’: Meet The Mosta Dancer Whose Moves Made The Whole Country Smile

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Waiting for a bus in the morning leaves time for you to think about many things, but we’re willing to bet happy dancing is not on the agenda.

However, one Maltese guy who broke the morning doldrums with some killer moves made the whole country smile – and he didn’t even know it at the time.

Above: The viral video that shot Sergio into the limelight

Sergio Laferla was headed to university on a normal day when he knew something was up

“As soon as I got off the bus approaching university, a person came up to me asking if I was the dancer in Mosta. I was amazed!” laughed Sergio a couple of days after going viral.

Having danced for years, busting some fresh moves in the morning wasn’t anything too out of the normal for him. However, his infectious energy quickly spread around the island – though the video, which was taken without his knowledge, did attract quite a few haters.

“Personally I do not care for those who laid eyes on me and for the virality of the video. I did not know I was being recorded in the first place. I don’t seek fame, but I simply wanted to express myself and bring some joy on the streets,” he said.

Above: Sergio has danced in Maltese productions, such as the above clip, taken from the music video for Crux’s ‘Smiling Man’

“Dancing brings me joy and a sense of belonging”

For Sergio, dancing is naturally within all of us.

“It is a full body experience of self expression,” Sergio continued. “I believe that everyone is able to dance and move around, and only their mind is stopping them from doing so! Everyone wants to let loose. So let loose!”

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“Human beings all feel and express, and as a society we have to build towards loving ourselves and others”

He is not surprised that some people were confused at how comfortable he was expressing himself in the streets.

“Through finding some form of identity, we have numbed ourselves and stopped ourselves from just being us: people. Therefore, we’ve stopped striving to becoming some ideal version of what a man is or a woman is, but simply be: you,” he said.

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Pictured: Sergio reacted to his dance moves going viral in a post on social media

Sergio was jamming to Kaytranada’s ‘At All’ in the viral video

Sergio believes that through owning up to your mistakes and loving yourself, you can achieve happiness

“Any wrong intention or act of hate should be admitted and removed from your system. I’ve learned that owning up to my own mistakes freed me to be myself, for I do not seek approval anymore. Love freely. Love much. And love yourself first and foremost – the rest will follow,’ he ended.

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