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The 3 Award Winning Fails From Yesterday’s Storm

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To those who stayed locked inside, with their fan blasting as they read a good book under a blanket (with one leg poking out) anyone who ventured outside was crazy. But there were a few people who decided to take that to new extremes:

1. This guy who lives by the mantra: Pics, or it didn’t happen

We know, the desire for likes on Facebook is strong. Trust us we understand (like our page on Facebook for more!).

But when the sea is being a bit of a bitch, and literally tearing down bus stops right near you… maybe save the “Snapchat dog filter on waves” gag for another time.

Award given: Darwinzer Prize (a combination of the Pulitzer Prize for his photojournalism skills, and the Darwin Award for helping himself out of the gene pool).

2. This cyclist who was determined to keep doing his part for the environment

We’re all crappy, fuel guzzling, car addicts – agree 100%. But seriously there’s a time and place for everything, and what is it about deathly waves and slippery promenades that made you think this was it?

Award given: A hug from Al Gore, and a slap from every mother across the nation who wants to call him a ‘miġnun’.

Chris Peregin is that you?

3. This other guy who decided, “you know what, now is the perfect time to contemplate the mysteries of life”

There are no words, well actually there are many – we’re just not sure we should use them.

Award given: An Oscar – cos it’s usually what Hollywood dishes out to quell desperation for attention. 

Do you have any crazy videos from last night’s storm? Send them to us on [email protected] or on Facebook!

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