This Video Explainer About Panama Papers Is The Most Entertaining Yet

This is the video version of a long read, but it's worth watching

Maltese rapper Jon Mallia stars in this brilliantly informative video explainer about the Panama scandal that has dominated Malta's snap election campaign. The video was released this afternoon, hours before the electoral campaign comes to an end ahead of the 3rd June vote. 

With some quirky animations and hilariously relatable analogies, the No Bling Show star succinctly explains the problems with having the country's top political personalities having company structures in Panama. He also explains the basics of corruption and money laundering, while featuring a cameo by former Eurovision chief Grace Borg and references to everyone's favourite video games from the 90s.

It's more than 12 minutes long, but it's worth watching till the end. 

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Screen Shot 2017 06 01 At 3 50 27 Pm

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