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WATCH: Already Feeling The Heat! Cyclist Spotted In Qormi With Nothing But A Helmet And Speedos

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Ah, summer in Malta. When the days are long, the sun is bright… and it’s hot enough for you to go out in just your underwear.

“We’re really feeling the heat,” Jonathan Baldacchino said yesterday on Facebook, sharing a video of a not-so-common sight he had just come across while driving in Qormi.

A man can be seen cycling down the main road, and while he made sure to be safe by wearing a helmet, he seemed to have forgotten every other item of clothing.

And while the sight itself is already hilariously unique as it is, the accompanying song quite honestly makes it.

Now I’m not sure whether that’s underwear or swimwear, but I’m going to go for the latter. Firstly because some people in the comments section said he might be training for an uncomping triathlon… and secondly because I hope that’s not just his undwear he decided to live his house in.

Seriously though, we know summer’s officially here and it’s only bound to get hotter, but stay safe out there guys. It’s better to arrive with an embarrassing armpit sweat patch then not arrive at all.

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