WATCH: Baby's Scary/Fun Joyride Down City Gate Steps In Valletta Raises Questions On Child Safety

Most Maltese people felt the parents had done nothing wrong

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Finding ways to keep your baby entertained may not be the easiest thing, but a video of two parents letting their baby's pushchair casually descend the City Gate Steps in Valletta on its own has raised a discussion on child safety and independence.

The video, which has already racked up nearly 1 million views since being posted to Italian Instagram insanitypage less than a week ago, shows the pushchair slowly bounce down each step as the parents hover nearby.

The pushchair bumps its way to the bottom, and neither baby nor parents seem too scared or worried

Italian commentators veered between calling the parents "two idiots" to saying the child looked like it was having a fun time, but Maltese commentators defended the parents' unique choice of traversing the large staircase as a fun way to spend time with your child.

Maltese commentators came to the family's defence

Though a couple of cheap shots had to be thrown

At the end of the video, the family seem to be perfectly fine, with the baby seemingly not in a scared or angry mood - however, in 2018, you never know who is watching and when your family's outing to the Maltese capital may end up on an Italian meme page.

Do you think the staircase joyride was a fun way to spend time with a baby, or an accident waiting to happen?

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