WATCH: Canoeing Or Water Polo? This Maltese Group Destroys Dilemmas By Choosing Both

Canoe polo is back with a bang (and a splash)

Surrounded by sea everywhere we go, we Maltese people have developed quite the knack for water sports. But one group consistently decides to go the extra mile, blending two different water sports into one awesome blend.

They call it Canoe Polo... and it's very easy to see why

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As the newly-opened Malta Canoe Polo Club Instagram account explains, the sport has actually been on the island for a couple of years.

Back in 2017, however, things shifted into overdrive with the Malta International Canoe Polo Open, which was held in Bormla's Dock 1 and attracted a great deal of attention.

Half canoe-rowing, half water-polo-ball-throwing, canoe polo is all set to be the top new sport for people who are are bored of both individual activities and feel like taking things to the next level. Just be warned; this looks as fun as it looks not for the faint of heart.

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Now, the Malta International Canoe Polo Open returns this October

The fourth in its kind, the tournament is back in the same great location, taking to the waters on the 13th and 14th October.

Anyone who attends the tournament can expect "noise, goals, many Italian and local players, and surely a lot of goal action and kayaks smashing head on," says Karl Borg, the technical director at the Malta Canoe Federation.

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