WATCH: Old Carob Tree Brutally Cut Down In Birkirkara

This is hard to watch

A savage montage showing a large, old carob tree being cut down and pulled from the ground has been posted to Facebook in the hope that action is taken against the developers of the project.

Filmed in Birkirkara, the footage was snapped on August 7th, and could result in legal action for the destruction of a protected tree if it is found to be over 50 years old, or that developers didn't have the required permissions.

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The law states that any protected tree (which includes Carob Trees, as listed under ERA Schedule II regulations) needs permission to be cut down, even if it is in a development zone and 'young enough' to be cut down. The ERA website itself states that "in order to carry out works on protected trees, a permit from the Authority is required".

According to information provided by the person filming, the application (PA/07098/16) had zero 'trees [listed] to be felled' during the construction works, an obvious infringement considering the massive carob tree found on site.

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