WATCH: Exposed Power Supply On Maltese Road Is A Health And Safety Disaster

The location definitely makes this worse than it already is

A video which was uploaded to the popular Facebook forum The Salott this weekend shows an exposed power supply, and while it's bad enough as it is, the whole thing gets worse when the camera pans out. 

It turns out that the exposed power supply is right in the middle of the bustling square at Spinola Bay, just behind the bus stop opposite the famous LOVE sign. The power cable, which goes all the way up to an old street lamp, continues across the street, ending on the facade of the St. Julian's Police Station.

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"I came across the whole thing accidentally while I was walking in the area," Andrew Schembri, who uploaded the video, told Lovin Malta. "I was able to very easily follow the wire all the way across the street. Later, I realised this happens a lot in Malta."

In fact, in another five-second video which was sent to us, a similar case can be seen in a completely different place, where extremely old-looking power cables were hastily tied together, crossing the street to the building opposite.

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"You can walk the streets of Malta and constantly find this stuff around," Andrew continued. "What's even worse is that the exposed power supply I found at Spinola Bay ends on the facade of the Police Station, so I don't really who I'd report it too..."

Have you seen similar cases on Malta's roads? Let us know in the comments below.

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