WATCH: Game Of Thrones Finally Drops Trailer For Much-Anticipated Final Season

One of TV's most hyped moments of the decade is finally here

Dragons, death and a whole lot of White Walkers. Game of Thrones is finally coming to an end, and the trailer of its final season is finally here.

People have been waiting for the elusive Season 8 for years now, but the moment is now here. As expected, the trailer delivers big scenes, big drama and big chills (quite literally).

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The first episode airs on April 14th, and we're definitely in for a treat

The numbers behind the new season are, quite frankly, ridiculous.

750 cast and crew worked tirelessly across 11 full weeks in freezing conditions. “Everyone prays they never have to do this again,” Hound actor Rory McCann had reportedly said. It’ll be worth it, though."

Earlier today, EW even reported that one particular episode, dubbed The Battle of Winterfell, will have "an episode-spanning battle" featuring every major Game of Thrones character in a fight against the Night King and the rest of the White Walkers.

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