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WATCH: Horse Casually Runs Like The Wind Down A Rabat Road

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A video of a horse running freely along a Rabat road without any person riding it or accompanying it has led to both concern as well as admiration.


Meanwhile at Rabat! The Great Escape as a horse runs free! ???????????????? Thanks to Tracy Lamourie PR for the video

Posted by The Weather Page Malta on Thursday, November 14, 2019

“Run free my pretty,” said one person, while another said: “Beautiful running attitude. Hope it doesn’t get hurt.”

A third person commented on how impressed they were with the horse’s ability to respect the rules of the road.

“It’s running along the line and staying within, hence some drivers might require lessons from the Road Runner, well done I say,” they said.

The horse in question.

The horse in question.

As great as it was to see an unpanicked horse run freely, many wondered where its owner was, and how it could be running around without anyone accompanying it.

Just months ago, a horse had escaped from its owner and injured itself in an incident in Naxxar before being reigned in by its owners.

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