WATCH: Joseph Muscat Serenaded By Elderly Woman During Campaign Stop In Marsaxlokk

There are supporters of Muscat... and then there are supporters of Muscat

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s campaign tour of Malta took an unexpected note yesterday evening when an elderly woman serenaded him with an original song.

In the song, which was published by One News, the elderly woman told Muscat not to change and praised him as a “righteous and honest man” and as “the best”.

Not only did Muscat smile at her while she was singing and applaud her along with the crowd afterwards, but he also bent down so that she could kiss his cheek.

There are nine days to go until the European Parliament and local council election, which Muscat and the Labour Party are widely expected to win by a historic margin of votes. Although the Prime Minister is pitching the election as a choice between himself and Adrian Delia, he has refused the Opposition leader’s request for a showdown on tomorrow’s edition of Xarabank.

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